The Deer Initiative

Frequently asked questions

1. How is the Deer Initiative funded?

The Deer Initiative is funded from a mixture of public and private sources. In addition to the cash contributions we receive, we also receive significant in-kind support from our Partners and other stakeholders to help us achieve our aims. More information about our funding and how we use it can be found in our more recent Annual Review

2. Who do I contact if I have unwanted deer on my land?

You could contact your Local Deer Initiative Deer Liaison Officer, or your local Deer Management Group, or your regional British Association for Shooting and Conservation or British Deer Society representative.

3. What methods are used to reduce deer population size?

The only effective way to reduce the population is a substantial cull of the mature female (collaboratively if herding species).

4. How would an increasing deer population have an effect on me?

Increased deer populations can lead to the loss of woodland biodiversity including the change of/decline of certain species of both fauna and flora. Increased deer numbers can also cause damage to timber and arable crops.

5. Where would I be able to see wild deer in my area?

Contact your local nature reserves/National Parks/Forestry Commision websites for information about local deer ‘safaris’. You could also contact your local British Deer Society branch for more information.

6. I have seen a deer - what species is it?

Check the Best Practice section on this site for detailed information about each species of deer found in England and Wales.

7. Do you give grants for deer management?

The Deer Initiative does not give grants but we may be able to help you to source grant aid. Please contact your local Deer Liaison officer for more information. Follow the Contact Us link to find the office nearest to you.

8. I have seen an injured/dead deer by the roadside. Who should I contact?

In the first instance you should advise the Police, especially if the animal is causing an obstruction on the highway. You could also contact your local council or the Highways Agency.

9. Can you help me to find some stalking?

The Deer Initiative does not keep a register of stalkers and neither do we recommend stalkers to landowners. You may be able to get assistance from The British Deer Society or from The British Association of Shooting and Conservation.

10. What are the open seasons for deer in England/Wales?

11. How can I get Deer Stalking qualifications?

Please visit the Setting Standards section on this site for information about qualifications.

12. Can I join the Deer Initiative?

Membership of the Deer Initiative is only open to national statutory, non-statutory and private organisations with an interest in wild deer who have agreed to act in accordance with the principles set out in the Deer Accord. There is no opportunity for individuals to become members of the Partnership.

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