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Chronic Wasting Disease


Published date: 08/07/2016

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), also known as Cervid Wasting Disease, is a highly infectious disease which has devastated some populations of wild and farmed deer in North America.

CWD has very recently been diagnosed in Scandinavia in a wild reindeer and also in moose. The risk of CWD entering the UK is therefore likely to have increased now the disease is present in Europe.

The most up to date assessment from Norway is attached below. A Working Group has been established to formulate a Government and industry response, building on the work of the BDS over the last few years. The Working Group has now met twice with representatives from across the UK under the Chairmanship of the Deputy Chief Vet for Scotland. DI sits on the working Group and BASC, VDS and BDS are also represented. The Group has produced a brieifing note on CWD and a copy is attached below.

The most recent CWD Qualitative Risk Assessment (RA) is on the website. This RA will be revised in the next few weeks and the Working Group will be contributing to the review process.

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File: CWD Guide_DI_ NOV 2016

File: poa cse norway-update

File: June_2016_letter_from_COM_to_European_hunters_association_on_CWD

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