The Deer Initiative

DI in Wales

Deer and disease

The Deer Initiative continues to work closely with Defra and the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) alongside its other partners to address deer and disease related issues. In Wales the risk assessment carried out in 2008 for Deer and Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) in Wales by WAG in conjunction with the DI has led to a sampling project in conjunction with FCW. The report produced by DI on behalf of WAG (and as a result of joint working with FCW) can be found on the Welsh Assembly Government website.

Although evidence so far is that the risk presented by wild deer to livestock and humans is low, it is important to maintain surveillance and continue research and capacity building efforts so that control measures can be quickly and effectively put in place as needed. All research carried out relating to wild deer and disease in Wales has stressed the need for further monitoring of the increasing deer populations, and increased awareness of deer related disease issues.

The Deer Initiative

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